Today in History, May 2: 1968: Israeli television began broadcasting.


Bernie Sanders

Sanders Campaign Lays Off Hundreds of Staffers

After a series of Clinton wins, it seems Bernie Sanders is refocusing all his resources on the California primary.


Netanyahu Calls for 'Direct, Bilateral Negotiations' with Palestinians

The Prime Minister responded to France's initiative for peace by insisting any approach but direct-Israeli-Palestinian communication will be counterproductive.

Salah Abdeslam

Lawyer: Paris Terrorist Has 'Intelligence of an Ashtray'

"I asked him if he had read the Koran, and he replied that he had looked up what it meant on the Internet."

Dutch Noah’s Ark Replica Sailing to Brazil for Olympic Games

A Dutch Christian organization is planning to sail a “replica” of Noah’s Ark to reach Brazil during the Summer Olympics and the Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.


IfNotNow activists

Suissa: Today's Peaceniks Live with 60s Envy

What noble mission has aroused such certainty and passion in the activists protesting Israel's presence in the West Bank?


Jewplexed: The Unleavened Road to Freedom Has Cracks

With the seder plate put away, the table flowers wilting, and the house guests flown home...what's next?

Women at the beach

Just Ask: The Fundamental Principle of Association

The people you surround yourself have a profound impact on your life - when was the last time you questioned those relationships?

Jewplexed - This Passover: Limas, Garbanzos, and Corn, Oh My!

Does the joy of this year’s Passover amount to a nothing more than a hill of beans?


Israeli Professor Battles Brain Tumors With Electrodes

In his retirement, Novocure founder Prof. Yoram Palti dusted off his PhD work to battle brain tumors with electrical fields.


Former Auschwitz Guard Apologizes to His Victims

A 94-year-old former Auschwitz guard currently on trial in Germany apologized to his victims in court.


Are Waze Users Vulnerable to Digital Stalkers?

University of California researchers proved it is relatively easy to track Waze users in real time and manipulate their movements.


Two-Gun Cohen

The Fascinating Tale of Two-Gun Cohen

The Chinese president’s Jewish confidant, who mustered Chinese support of the creation of Israel.


The Samaritans: Passover 100 Years Ago

Persecuted, massacred, and forcibly converted by Byzantine Christians and Islamic authorities, the tiny Samaritan community still maintains many ancient Passover rituals.

Brazilian ‘Fiddler’ Director: Stop Orthodox Jews From Spitting on Christians

“Spitting on someone is symbolic. It’s so old, tacky, typical of Mexican drama soap operas and also cowardly.”

How My Grandmother’s Chutzpah Helped Sugihara Rescue Thousands of Jews

I grew up hearing Sugihara’s widely unknown story because he saved my father’s life. My father is a Sugihara survivor.



As Jews Flee Belgium, One Family Gathers Around the Seder Table

With each passing year, there were fewer of us around the seder table.

The Soviet Campaign to Eliminate Passover

“Red Haggadahs” were published in the 1920s with the explicit goal of replacing belief in God with faith in Communist Russia.

Feeding Jewish American Soldiers on Passover

Two women are mobilizing the troops to nourish, physically and spiritually, Jews in the U.S. armed forces.

Watching Prophecy Unfold with 'Lost Jews' - and Hindu Villagers

Melting bananas, Hindu idols, Baptist preachers, and prophecy: The tale of our 120 degree Seder in a remote village in Southern India.

Soul Food, May 2

“You were given life; it is your duty (and also your entitlement as a human being) to find something beautiful within life, no matter how slight.” - Elizabeth Gilbert